It turns out Neil deGrasse Tyson may not be the only genius in his family.

The celebrity cosmologist appears on an upcoming episode of "Celebrity Family Feud" with his wife and children, and a clip from the episode shows them totally dominating the "Fast Money" round, in which the Tyson's won $25,000 dollars for their charity, STRIVE International.

Tyson partnered up with his son Travis, who scored a whopping 142 points in the first round, leaving his father to only need 58 more for a total of 200 points. Tyson quickly reached that total after his third answer, and easily won all the money

There were, of course, some planetary jokes along the way. Host Steve Harvey assured Tyson that if he messed this up, his "Uranus would be in a lot of trouble."

The Tyson family team also featured Tyson's wife Alice Young, daughter Miranda Tyson, and cousin Monique Fortune. They went head-to-head against the family of former NBA star and actor Rick Fox.

Watch the Tyson's crush the round in the video up top, and tune in when the entire episode airs July 16 on ABC.

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