Patti Stanger's reading with "Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry led to a revelation about her birth mom her adoptive mother never wanted her to know.

The "Million Dollar Matchmaker" star sat down with the psychic for Wednesday night's episode and in an exclusive sneak peek she learns an answer to a question she's asked her whole life.

"My biological mother, there was a secret around my adoption and my mother basically would never tell me the truth about by adoption and she died not wanting me ever to know about my biological mother," Stanger explains. "What's the secret she's holding onto? I spent a long time searching on this, hiring private investigators, doing my own homework."

"Why was she afraid to allow me to know that family and what happened?" she asks.

After Henry connects to her bio mom's "energy," he says there's "an acknowledgement when I’m going to the brain and mental of what indicates maybe an undiagnosed mental disorder."

"There could have been some genetic factors when it comes to mental illness on your mom's side," he adds.

Watch the video above to see why he thinks Stanger's adoptive mother never wanted to share this intel, even though it may have been useful information.

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!

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