Conan O'Brien's manhood does not impress Amazon warriors in a "Wonder Woman" parody he debuted on Wednesday night in celebration of this weekend's Comic-Con.

The late-night comedian takes over Chris Pine's part in his spoof (above) of the summer superhero blockbuster. When driving down to San Diego doesn't work out, he hops in a familiar plane, which he crashes in the ocean and washes up on the shore of Themyscira -- the island Wonder Woman once called home.

The female Amazon warriors that greet the TBS personality are instantly confused by his tall, skinny and pale body, which looks nothing like the men in their ancient drawings.

“It’s skin is so translucent, like a sea jelly,” one warrior says upon the discovery of his body.

O'Brien spends the rest of the segment trying to convince the women that their idea of a man is unrealistic. When they still don't buy he's not a creature or child, he whips out the body part that proves he's a man.

“Where is it?” asks one female warrior.

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