Did you think Tomi Lahren could stay away from commenting on Donald Trump's transgender ban? Of course not! And she loves it.

The former Blaze host-turned-communications-strategist took to her new video platform, her Facebook, to give people the latest edition of her often viral and often infuriating "Final Thoughts" segment.

"Here's the deal," Lahren said in the video (above) she posted Wednesday. "Any American that has the desire to serve his or her country in the Unites States Military should be commended. Anyone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for this country demonstrates immense strength of character, and I fully and 100 percent acknowledge and appreciate that."

"That being said, the military is not a social experiment, it's a fighting force. Finally we have a commander-in-chief who understands that and isn't willing to put feelings and political correctness over military readiness and the mission," she continued.

She went on to thank Trump for implementing the ban, addressing that though it might be easy for people to say she has something against transgenders, there's a different reason why she's happy about the rule.

"I 100 percent applaud President Trump for reinstating the ban on transgenders in the military and no, it's not because I have anything against transgender people, it's because it's what best for the effectiveness of the military."

"The taxpayer is supposed to fund hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgeries even though it might render them non-deployable. See the problem?" she asked her followers. The military already has a high suicide rate, the transgender community has an incredibly high suicide rate, so we should mix the two because it sounds good and makes people feel nice and included? No."

Lahren ended her message by saying she's not there to tell someone what to do with their body, she just doesn't think that "feelings" and the need for "inclusion" should be reason for someone to be allowed to serve in the military.

"The military is not about the wants of the individual, it's about the mission. Furthermore, to say President Trump shouldn't be able to dictate military policy because he hasn't served, that's ridiculous," she concluded. "President Trump hasn't served but he surrounds himself with those who have, and he's taken their advice on this, because that is what a good commander-in-chief does."

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