Could Donald Trump's children be the next ones booted from the White House? "The View" seems to think so.

After discussing Anthony Scaramucci's short-lived stint as communications director after just 10 days on the job, talk turned to Trump's own kids and their futures serving their father.

"I think those kids will be gone soon, out of the White House," Joy Behar predicted, with Whoopi Goldberg nodding in agreement.

"Jared is under investigation. He has all these hats he's wearing, he's going to bring peace to the Middle East. He can't do the job because he's under the gun of the FBI," Behar continued. "Ivanka, she's selling shoes, OK? Unless she's getting a nice pair of sandals for [Chief of Staff John] Kelly, I don't see her function there."

"And, truth be told, her platform hasn't been that effective," Sunny Hostin added. "If her platform was supposed to be LGBTQ community, he's got the transgender ban, so he's not listening to her."

Goldberg then said that Kelly is the one with all the power right now.

"Kelly is a military man and there are protocols and if you don't do your job, he's going to move you, as he did with the Mooch," she explained. "His job is to make sure it functions smoothly and clearly. If he's looking and it's not, I believe he's going to say, look, you brought me here for a reason, I'm telling you this isn't working."

"The gatekeepers are always the ones that keep everything moving, presidents don't do as much as we think they do," she added. "That's why you want somebody to have a Chief of Staff, because their job is to not only make you look good -- because you know he wants to look good -- so if he says listen, this is draggin' you down, these folks are not working the way you want them to, lets move them elsewhere, I believe he'll do it."

The big question, according to Joy: "There's still a little room under the bus, so who's gonna go, the kids or Kelly?"

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