The first rose ceremony hit the lovebirds on "Bachelor in Paradise" this week, and four poor souls were left without a floral keepsake.

After week one was cut short because of the Corinne-DeMario debacle, the cast was back to give paradise another go. So far, there are a few couples flourishing in paradise -- and while some relationships seem stable, others are already hitting rocky waters.

But the only thing you need to see from this week is Amanda Stanton's awkward rejection of poor innocent soul Robby Hayes.

At first, Hayes entered paradise and took Raven on a date, but after seeing that multiple men were vying for her attention, he switched gears and focused his attention on Stanton.

Stanton, who said she has reservations about getting close to Hayes because he is good friends with her ex-fiancé Josh Murray, took the opportunity to reject Robbie to his face during their one-on-one time.

Robby insisted that he had no ill-intentions by getting close to Amanda, and made sure that she knew his interest in her had nothing to do with Murray. When Robby asked Amanda for a kiss though, things got awkward AF.

Stanton kindly rejected Hayes, telling him that she doesn't "just kiss" and that it "has to be the right moment." Hayes, who claimed he understood where she was coming from, leaned in anyway at the end of their conversation. Stanton reacted by giving her date the oh-so-awkward side cheek kiss.

Stanton also reminded Hayes of his body temperature. "You're so sweaty," she said.

The internet couldn't get enough of the awkward moment as well, check out some of the funniest reactions below:

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