"Will & Grace" (and Karen and Jack) are back in action in a new sneak peek that should have fans very excited about its return.

Featuring clips and behind-the-scenes footage from the NBC revival, the preview shows how little has changed in the 11 years since it originally went off the air.

"Will and Grace are still living together, Jack's across the hall, Karen's still rich. We just get back to business," star Eric McCormack explains.

"The episodes we've shot so far are just as good, if not better, than anything we've done," adds Megan Mullally. "It's a gift that we get to embody these characters again," Sean Hayes also chimes in.

"We just hope we can make everybody laugh as hard as we did before," Debra Messing explains.

Judging by the jokes in the sneak peek, that probably won't be a problem. Jack's drops a brutal burn on Will, the two main character continue to kill at charades playing Heads Up and Karen, well she rocks out to Fox News now.

"Will & Grace" debuts Thursday, September 28 on NBC.

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