Trevor Noah Rips Fox News' 'B.S.' Plea to Not 'Politicize' Vegas Shooting With Gun Control Talk
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"Daily Show" host argues the cable news network is simply stalling while still "figuring out how to politicize it."

Like many Americans, Trevor Noah is ready to talk about gun control following Sunday's Las Vegas shooting, but the folks over at Fox News are not.

The "Daily Show" host mocked the network's anchors who have asked Americans not to "politicize" the mass shooting that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where a 64-year-old white male killed 59 people and injured at least 527 while shooting down at the 22,000-person crowd from a window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

"I like how Fox News says, 'Please don't politicize this today,' as if there's any time they'd be willing to talk about gun control because I'm happy to wait a couple of days, but you know they'd be like 'Oh, sorry, we can't do Thursday. Yeah, we're gonna be talking about Hillary's emails,'" the comedian said Tuesday night. "'Oh, what about Friday?' 'Nooo, still talking about Hillary's emails.' 'Next month? Next year?' 'Yeahhh, we're gonna be swamped with the emails for a while.'"

Noah pointed out that following the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, last year, the network was quick to "politicize" the tragedy. He spliced together clips of Fox anchors urging the Muslim community to "be part of the solution," given that the shooter, Omar Mateen, was not a wealthy white male like Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was.

"Clearly, Fox's whole 'don't politicize it' is B.S.," Noah said, "or maybe just a way to buy time while they're figuring out how to politicize it."

The late-night host then played a clip of political commentator Sean Hannity using the heroism demonstrated by first responders Sunday night to call out those who have been kneeling during sporting events.

"Wow, did this guy just find a way to use the mass shooting to pivot back to the NFL argument?" he said. "Like after this you'd be thinking, 'Hundreds of people shot in Las Vegas -- Colin Kaepernick, you son of a bitch!'"

"Personally," Noah added, "I'd rather respect the police by reducing the number of guns that risk killing police, but yeah, I mean, not kneeling is good, too."

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