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"I'm infuriated," the morning show's moderator says at the top of Wednesday's episode.

Whoopi Goldberg got fired up on Wednesday's episode of "The View" over comments President Donald Trump allegedly made to the widow of a fallen soldier.

On Tuesday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida said she overheard a phone call POTUS made to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, a U.S. soldier killed in Niger by Islamist militants this month. According to Wilson, he told her that her husband "knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts."

"All I can say is, have you no shame, sir? Have you no shame? That you would bring up ... I'm infuriated," a visibly agitated Goldberg said this morning. "I love my troops and I'll tell you why. I grew up in Chelsea and we sent many to fight in Vietnam and some came back and did terrible things to themselves. To me, if your kids haven't gone or you didn't go, I need you to have a whole different mindset with the folks who went."

"This is the one place we should all be able to say hey, we're gonna stand up and salute, we're going to pay attention because these people went and did what we didn't, what he certainly didn't," she continued. "You must, in talking to people whose families have gone to fight for this country, you must have empathy. You must remember who these people are."

Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin also joined Goldberg in her disgust.

"The president's saying I had to ask people, I didn't know if I should call. If he indeed did say, 'He knows what he signed up for,' I'd like to ask the president if he knows what he signed up for!" added Haines. "Because this is what you do when people lay their lives down for us."

She also said Trump should just not call families of victims "if this is what he's going to say."

"That call is heart wrenching and to have someone be insensitive during that call, I can't imagine what that would be like," added Hostin.

Trump has denied making the remarks, leading new co-host Meghan McCain to add that "we don't know the context of this phone call" since both sides have different accounts of what was said. "I would like to hear the context of that call. Politicizing military deaths on both sides is a new low for America right now," she said.

Later in the show, Congresswoman Wilson called in, where she flat out said that "President Trump is a liar."

When McCain then asked why Wilson thought she should speak out about the phone call, the congresswoman got fired up as well, explaining her close relationship with Sgt. Johnson and his family. Watch the video above.

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