Bill Maher Says Donald Trump Is Still 'The Worst Fat, Gross Creep' Amid Harvey Weinstein Scandal
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Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Misconduct Accusers (So Far)

"Who knew empathy was so complicated?" the host asks, referencing Trump's media war with the widow of a fallen soldier.

This week, President Donald Trump dropped 92 spots on the Forbes list of richest Americans, making him the 248th wealthiest person in the United States.

"He was also dropped to No. 2 on the Forbes list of disgusting sex predators," Bill Maher joked on "Real Time" Friday night, taking a jab at "horrible sleaze" Harvey Weinstein.

Maher also referenced the media frenzy over the phone call Trump made to a widow of a fallen soldier. "On Monday, Trump called the pregnant widow of a dead American soldier to console her and ended up pouring salt in the wound and feuding with her all week. Who knew empathy was so complicated?" he said.

"I mean, if you could take a week where it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted every single female in show business and still be the worst fat, gross creep, that's pretty good," he joked.

"And you know, it is important to remember that while all this side show sh-t is going on, real policy moves are being made that affect all of our lives," he added, referencing Trump's attempt to dismantle former president Barack Obama's Iran deal, clean power plan and health care policy. "Everything Obama touched has got to go."

"You know those confederate statues in the south ... it's too bad Obama didn't out them up because they'd all be gone by now," the comedian quipped.

Maher then turned his sights to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who just advanced to the World Series after beating the Chicago Cubs in Game 5.

"The Dodgers are such a favorite to win, they've already declined their invitation to the White House," Maher said.

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