Wendy Williams Fainting Is No Joke, But Twitter LOLs Anyway: 15 Savage Reactions
The Wendy Williams Show
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Twitter erupts in memes after the talk show host overheats in her Statue of Liberty costume on live television.

When Wendy Williams suffered a scary fall during a live broadcast of her show on Halloween, it was no joking matter. But that didn't stop Twitter from making a few cracks at her expense.

While some viewers initially suspected it was staged as a part of the holiday festivities, the incident was anything but. The collapse came toward the end of the program when the host was getting ready to kick off her costume party. The 53-year old media star paused and stumbled over her words as her eyes widened. She stepped back, raising her hands to her head, before abruptly fainting as the show cut to commercial.

When the show returned, Williams explained that she had gotten overheated under the stage lights in her elaborate Statue of Liberty costume. She took to Twitter to offer relief to her concerned fans that she was fine, but Williams wasn't the only one talking about the incident on social media.


Fans waited just long enough to make sure she was okay before they got Wendy's name trending on Twitter, filling the platform with their own comedic takes on the incident.

Here are some of the most savage tweets:

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