Jennifer Lawrence Asks Strangers to Name Her Movies -- But It Doesn't Go So Well
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"You ask me about [Jennifer] Aniston, I can tell you," one woman tells the Oscar-winning actress.

Jennifer Lawrence volunteered as tribute to get humiliated on Hollywood Blvd. by asking strangers to name five movies she's been in. And it didn't go so well.

"The point was to put them on the spot and humiliate myself, and guess what? Both happened," Lawrence said to introduce the sketch.

Most people, besides Kimmel's right-hand man Guillermo, could barely name one movie under pressure. And others were just completely clueless as to who Jennifer Lawrence even is.

In one instance, there was an ad for her latest movie, "Mother," covering a bus across the street and when Lawrence asked a gentleman if he'd heard of it, he simply said, "Nope." When asked if he knew who she was, he again said, "Nope."

"You ask me about [Jennifer] Aniston, I can tell you," one woman said, confessing she thinks the "Friends" star is the prettier than Lawrence. This woman also had no idea she was talking to the star of the blockbuster "Hunger Games" franchise.

"I know, who is that bitch?" Lawrence joked before adding, "I'm Jennifer Lawrence."

Some fans did manage to get a few. "There was a space one, with that hot guy," one starstruck woman said, referring to "Passengers."

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