Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

"Sexual assault was an issue that had touched my family," Farrow told Colbert when discussing his Weinstein exposé.

Ronan Farrow faced some difficult questions about his father Woody Allen's alleged molestation of his sister while appearing on “The Late Show” Friday night, where he also discussed the Harvey Weinstein bombshell story he penned for The New Yorker.

Stephen Colbert first wondered if Farrow — son of Allen and Mia Farrow — was threatened by Weinstein’s camp during the 10-month investigative reporting. Farrow acknowledged pushback from Weinstein's camp, adding, "This was a public safety issue. You can't stop going if you have evidence there's maybe an ongoing pattern of behavior that's endangering people."

The explosive report has caused a domino effect in Hollywood with scores of women coming forward to openly allege sexual harassment at the hands of some very well known types, such as Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven.

Farrow admitted he couldn't have imagined his exposé — coupled with The New York Times' own investigative report — would have sparked a national conversation about sexual abuse.

Colbert then brought up how this isn't the first time Farrow's talked about the issue, specifically the allegations that his father molested Ronan’s sister, Dylan.

Farrow said there was not "a direct link that motivated [him] to look at this story" and that it was assigned to him. "What was instrumental in linking [Weinstein and Allen] and helping drive me during this story was sexual assault was an issue that had touched my family," he added.

"In my case, I was for many years one of the people around the victim of sexual assault saying, 'Why bother coming forward more? What'll it achieve? It's just gonna bring shame and trouble, and it's a powerful guy,'" he continued. "It was a long process of my realizing, no, the fact that she wants to speak is something important ethically and I, as a reporter, too, whether you're looking at Bill Cosby or Roger Ailes or Harvey Weinstein, have to get tougher."

"We all have to get tougher," he said,

As for his next exposé, Farrow said he'll turn his sights to the "machine" that allowed Weinstein to continue his actions.

"This machine that was so instrumental in keeping this quiet as long as it was quiet, I think there is much more to be said about just how far that went," he added.

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