President Trump's Loudest Critics and Supporters

"Full Frontal" host brings out the Harlem Gospel Choir to beg Congress to do "literally anything" beyond praying for gun victims.

As "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" returned Wednesday, the comedian was quick to celebrate the Democrats' electoral victories in Virginia -- but the recent shooting in Texas that left 28 dead was the biggest thing on her mind, and she was ready to do anything to get her point across, even recruiting a gospel choir to sing about the issue.

"As great as these Democratic victories feel, they only matter if we use them to keep fighting the important battles -- and after the week we've had, there is nothing more important to me than gun control," Bee said. "Look, I would like to not talk about gun massacres, but we can't ignore them. That's Congress's job."

She went on to list the typical Republican tactics for dodging questions about gun control after a mass shooting, like President Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway saying it was "not the time" to talk about politics.

"How is it not the time?" an exasperated Bee said. "93 Americans a day die from gun violence. It's like if a scary clown were killing 93 people per day, and Congress was like, 'It's not the right time to talk about the clown.'"

"You wouldn't want to eat him, Pennywise," she added, showing a graphic of the "IT" monster sneaking up on Paul Ryan. "He's all sinew and protein supplements."

She also tore into the refrain of "thoughts and prayers" coming from politicians and media figures after every mass shooting. "I'm sorry, but unless you're praying to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and these mass shootings are human sacrifices, your thoughts and prayers are not working."

Bee pointed out that 94 percent of Americans, 93 percent of Republicans and even 74 percent of NRA members support universal background checks for gun buyers. "But most people don't know that," she added, showing a picture of National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch, "because Scary Selena Gomez here is the face of the NRA right now."

Playing a video of Loesch saying that gun control advocates "drive their daggers through the heart of our future" and will "perish in the political flames," Bee shrieked in horror: "God! Is this what I sound like to conservatives?!"

She ended with a passionate plea to any members of Congress who might be watching "because they fell asleep during 'Big Bang Theory'".

"The Republican Party has completely bought into the myth that the thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun -- but that is not fair to ask of our nation's many good guys! Good guys should be helping people move couches and lending you their Netflix password. They shouldn't have to risk their lives in a church parking lot to protect the world from a monster. I mean, thank God there was a good guy nearby, but Devin Kelley still shot almost every person in that church."

"In our country today, a lot more good guys are getting stopped by guns -- not to mention good women, good children, good grandparents, good teachers, good country fans and good Christians," she continued. "We will never eliminate gun violence from our society, but there are practical steps we can take to slow it down. We just need Congress to step up."

"Full Frontal" ended the segment with the Harlem Gospel Choir doing an in-studio performance of a hymn about common-sense legislation, singing "Oh Lord we pray / one day we'll do more than pray."

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