Jimmy Kimmel Asks If Hillary Clinton Should Be Impeached and Way Too Many People Say Yes
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Friendly reminder: Hillary Clinton is not president and no longer holds public office of any kind.

Jimmy Kimmel thinks President Donald Trump and his supporters are so passionate about hating Hillary Clinton that may have actually forgotten she lost the 2016 presidential election.

He put his theory to the test Tuesday night by sending his "Lie Witness News" crew to Hollywood Blvd. to ask, "Do you think Hillary Clinton should be impeached?"

Entirely too many people said yes, proving they either don't know who is president or what it means to impeach someone serving in public office. in the United States from office.

"Yes, definitely," one man immediately said. "For what she's done, the way that she's kind of, more or less, with the Russian deal and all that's going on, she definitely should be out."

But wait -- perhaps that guy was interpretting "impeach" at its most basic definition: to call into question the integrity or validity of a practice.

To make sure, Kimmel's correspondent followed up with, "What would it take for Congress to act now and remove Hillary from office?"

He responded with this doozy: "Well, they really haven't done anything yet. I think they should get together, definitely, and say 'We the people should take care of the people of the United States and what she has done is wrong and we should impeach her.'"

Another Hillary hater insisted the former secretary of state, who is no longer in public office of any kind, is more dangerous than climate change and guns, and "about even" with ISIS.

If you're looking for hope for humanity, this video isn't for you, but there is one voice of reason at the end when one guy says, "Oh, impeached? Hillary ain't even in office. Never mind, you're trying to get me."

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