'Somewhere Ann Curry' Takes Over Twitter as Her Fans Consider Matt Lauer's Firing Sweet, Sweet Karma
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Speculation that Matt Lauer pushed Ann Curry out of "Today" show in 2012 resurfaces after his sudden firing for alleged sexual misconduct.

Matt Lauer wasn't the only "Today" show alum trending on Twitter Wednesday after getting the boot from NBC for alleged "inappropriate sexual behavior."

"Somewhere Ann Curry" became one of the most popular terms on the social media platform as the world woke up to the bombshell firing, which was reported on the air by "Today" personalities Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker. The phrase was used to imagine how Curry was reacting to Lauer's sudden dismissal.

It was June of 2012 when Ann Curry was fired from her co-host spot on "Today," less than a year into her contract with NBC. The official story at the time was that she was let go because of the show's falling ratings (slipping behind CBS for the first time), but speculation was that it had more to do with her being even more likable to viewers than Lauer, and that Lauer himself had a hand in showing her the door.

Whatever the reasons given or theorized, viewers were never fully satisfied. And while they and the show had no choice but to move on, Wednesday's news proves that they have long memories.

Curry is working on a new series called "We'll Meet Again" for PBS. The six-part series reunites people who were impacted by real-life events like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Vietnam War, but since drifted apart. Sounds like she could well become the subject of a future installment.

While she has yet to respond to the allegations brought against her former co-host, "Somewhere Ann Curry" has to be aware that she is trending on Twitter and may very well be amused by some of these hilarious tweets:

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