Jane Seymour Tells Megyn Kelly Her Son Was 'Roofied' and Groped by Hollywood Publicist
Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

Seymour says publicist grabbed son's "private parts" in a car and tried "to make out with him."

After detailing her own close encounter on Hollywood's notorious casting couch, Jane Seymour told Megyn Kelly on NBC's "Today" Monday morning that her son was once "roofied" by a male publicist trying to sexually assault him.

According to the actress, the incident happened 12 years ago when her son, Sean M. Flynn, was 20 years old. Fresh off a film he was talking about at an event, Seymour said he was approached by a publicist who offered to take him to meet some people who would help in his career.

"He grabbed his friend, thank God, and they went in the car with this guy," Seymour told Kelly. "All of a sudden my son's going all loopy, and he doesn't know what's happened. The guy had roofied him, whatever roofies are, and then started grabbing his private parts and trying to make out with him. And his friend mercifully was completely sober and saw what was going on. When the car stopped, he grabbed my son and they ran."

"People don't think about that, either; it happened to him," she said after sharing an example of how men can be victims of sexual harassment and assault, too. "He felt shame, he couldn't talk about it."

While the majority of those coming forward in the ongoing sexual harassment scandal are women, men have been affected as well, as seen by the allegations brought against Kevin Spacey and Terry Crews' story of being victimized by a powerful Hollywood talent agent.

Flynn directed the music video for The Brave's "Joan of Arc," a process Seymour said was therapeutic for him, helping him process the experience.

"He chose to show women being objectified, women being used by men, and then how the women turned on the men," Seymour said of the video. Perhaps as a statement that it's more about power than gender, Flynn also included a man among the objectified, and a woman as one of the powerful figures in the piece.

Watch Flynn's potentially-NSWF, provocative video below:

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