Corey Feldman Proves on 'Dr. Oz' He Named Hollywood Pedophile in 1993 and Cops Did Nothing
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Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

Listen to audio tape of former child star telling Santa Barbara Police detective he was molested by an older man.

Corey Feldman proved he wasn't lying when he said he told the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office that actor Jon Grissom molested him when he was a kid.

The former child star, famous for hits including "The Goonies" and "Lost Boys," appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" Monday to let the rest of the world listen in on audio tapes of his interview with the authorities. After Feldman told the female detective speaking to him that he was molested and Grissom may be back in California, she said, "We'll let you know if we run across him," then laughed.

"Hahaha funny stuff," Feldman told Dr. Oz after listening to the audio with the rest of the audience.

In the tape, Feldman told the detective that he never reported Grissom because he was scared.

"I was so scared and I didn’t know, he was like my best friend, you know. And I didn’t know how to, I mean, I couldn’t even look at him in the eye the next day you know, I would always have to pretend it didn’t happen. I mean, that was my big thing is, I would pretend it didn’t happen," he told the detective.

Feldman then explained to Dr. Oz that he thought they were interviewing him to see if Grissom was guilty of child molestation crimes, but later realized they were actually investigating (and only cared about) allegations against Michael Jackson.

Grissom was arrested in 2001 for sexually assaulting children, but Feldman claims many of them could have been saved from the trauma he faced if the police would have just acted upon the information they received from his initial interview.

Feldman continued to tell Dr. Oz that he has dedicated his life to "fighting this battle."

"No one was listening then, no one is listening now," Feldman said. "LAPD is still not investigating it."

When Dr. Oz asked Feldman if he felt vindicated now that the police have located these tapes, he said that will only come when the men responsible for molesting deceased child star Corey Haim are held accountable for their actions.

"Not yet. Vindication will come when my best friend's perpetrators are behind bars, my perpetrators are behind bars," he said.

During a "Today" show appearance on Oct. 30 earlier this year, Feldman told a similar story about this documented interaction with police.

"I've told the police. I sat there and gave them the names," he said. "They're on record. They have all of this information, but they were scanning Michael Jackson. Michael was innocent, and that was what the interview was about with the police. I told him, 'He is not that guy.' They said, 'Well, maybe you just don't understand your friend.' I said, 'No, I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody who's not a pedophile because I've been molested. Here's the names. Go investigate.'"

"And let me push this forward - there are thousands of people in Hollywood who have this same information," Feldman added in the "Today" interview. "Why is it all on me? Why is it if I don't release the names in the next two months, six months, or a year, I'm the bad guy? I'm the victim here. I'm the one who's been abused. I'm the one who's trying to come forward and do something about it."

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