Hollywood Rushes to Back Salma Hayek for Sharing Her Harvey Weinstein Horror Story
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Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Misconduct Accusers (So Far)

"Salma, I'd heard whispers for years. I'm so sorry they were true," Rose McGowan writes.

Salma Hayek is the latest to speak out about the horrors of working with Harvey Weinstein, and Hollywood is backing her up.

The actress detailed the sexual harassment she allegedly experienced at the hands of the Hollywood mogul in a lengthy op-ed for The New York Times. "For years, he was my monster," she wrote.

She described the "Machiavellian rage" she experienced every time she'd say "no" to Weinstein's sexual advances while filming "Frida" alongside fellow Weinstein accuser Ashley Judd. Hayek said he threatened to shut down production unless she "agreed to do a sex scene with another woman" with full-frontal nudity, and that he once told her, "I will kill you. Don't think I can't."

Rose McGowan, another of Weinstein's accusers, shared Hayek's op-ed on Twitter and wrote, "Salma, I'd heard whispers for years. I'm so sorry they were true. All we wanted to do was create art and put food on the table. That's it. Instead, we got the Monster from Hell. We deserved so much more from those we paid to protect us. Love to you."

Jessica Chastain praised Hayek for her courage in coming forward, tweeting, "Your voice is important and needed right now. You are creating a place of great healing." Kerry Washington called the op-ed "extraordinary." And Michael Moore echoed Chastain's sentiments, writing, "Harvey, if you're reading this, you making her do that scene is called rape."

See how Hollywood embraced Hayek and her story in the tweets below.

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