Brielle Biermann 'Couldn't Tell You What Goes On' in Alphabet After ABCDE
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The "Don't Be Tardy" star tells TooFab an interesting fact about herself.

Brielle Biermann only knows her alphabet backwards.

No, really.

During a recent interview with TooFab, Kim Zolciak's oldest daughter was quick to offer up a very interesting fact her fans would be surprised to know about her.

"I only know my ABCs backwards," the 20-year-old "Don't Be Tardy" star said. "Isn't that so weird? I'm like, why didn't I learn it the forward way? I know like ABCDE because of Scantron tests, but other than that, I really couldn't tell you what goes on."

"The Pre-K and Kindergarten that I went to taught it that to us way also, and I got confused," she added. "I don't even know why they tried teaching us that way. Like my sister knows it backwards, too, but she knows the full thing also because she's still in school. But me, I didn't really care to learn it. So when I learned it one way, I just was like, f-ck it."

"Don't Be Tardy" Season 6 finale airs Friday night on Bravo.

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