'Silence of the Lambs' Cast -- Then & Now

Stephen Colbert plays Trump golfing buddy Hannibal Lecter on the "Late Show" parody.

Jodie Foster reprised her Oscar-winning role of "Silence of the Lambs" FBI agent Clarice Starling to go after President Donald Trump on "The Late Show" Friday night.

With the help of Stephen Colbert, who played Hannibal Lecter, the two spoofed the 1991 thriller by creating a 2017 version -- "Silence of the Trumps" -- delving into Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation of Trump's ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

In the clip below, Foster mirrored her character's interviews of Lecter in one of the film's most iconic scenes.

"Still hunting President Trump?" Colbert asked, adding that he and Trump "were golfing buddies once."

"We ate our caddie, turned him into a taco bowl with a nice diet coke," he said.

Colbert asked Foster, "What does he do, this man you seek?"

"He's an idiot who says the first thing that comes to mind," she responded.

Colbert then asked Foster to tell him her worst memory of the election.

"One night, on a Tuesday, Donald Trump won the presidency and then I heard a strange noise," she replied. "It sounded like a scream, like some kind of screaming. I crept into the living room. The TV was on, and I was so scared, so scared. MSNBC, the anchors, they were crying. They were crying."

Finally, Colbert asked the "agent" what evidence she had on Trump so far. After she rattled off an extensive list that ended with "Trump calling on Russia to find Clinton's missing emails," Colbert responded, "You have that already? What do you need me for? You know I eat people, right? It's kind of my thing."

"Yeah, but it seems safer in there than it does out here," she replied.

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