Samantha Bee Lays Into Fox News for 'Crazy Conspiracy Theories' Victimizing Trump
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TBS late-night host notices Fox News repeatedly trying to discredit Mueller and his investigation into Trump's administration.

Samantha Bee pulled out all the stops for her season finale of "Full Frontal," taking aim at Fox News and the network's near-constant barrage of "crazy conspiracy theories" surrounding Robert Muller's investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

She was most alarmed that one guest dared suggest the leaked FBI texts were part of an elaborate plot on the president's life. "Dude, read the room," she chastised the man. "You can't just float that kind of crazy conspiracy theory at Fox News -- at least not without a visual aide."

Even Fox News anchors were put off by the guest asserting the texts proved there was an assassination attempt on Trump, but the network certainly has been on the warpath against Mueller, as Bee proved by playing clips of various personalities repeatedly trying to discredit Mueller and even consider his investigation a "coup."

Bee explained the true motive behind the network, the GOP and Trump attacking Mueller.

"But firing Mueller isn't even the real goal, since that would get Trump into even more trouble. The goal is to weaken his reputation so Republicans can ignore his findings," she said, then flashed a picture of former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on the screen. "Not that Republicans would ever ignore credible charges against one of their own or anything."

The latest scandal to hit the investigation involves a series of old text messages between two agents under Mueller in which they said they feared a Donald Trump presidency and called him names like "idiot" and "douche."

"That is not fair," Bee said of that last comparison. "Douches are obsolete, gross, and poison for vaginas-- Oh wait, you know what? That checks out."

Bee then slipped in a quick jab at the GOP. "Insulting Trump isn't a sign that you're a biased liberal out to get him. It might be a sign that you're a member of Trump's party," she said before showing a series of video clips of Republican leaders disparaging and insulting Trump last year, including Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Rick Perry.

Finally, she decided she'd had enough of Fox's "crazy conspiracy theories" and vowed to change the channel to the "real news," only to find MSNBC exploring the possible existence of UFOs.

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