'SNL' and James Franco Put Hallmark Christmas Movies on Blast in This Cut Sketch
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'Tis the season to make fun of the television network we all hate ourselves for loving.

James Franco joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live" to poke fun at the Hallmark Channel's yearly surplus of Christmas movie showings, and the sketch that was cut for time last weekend offers spot-on satire.

"Christmas is almost here, and on The Hallmark Channel, we won't let you forget it," the overly cheery voice says in the mock Christmas promo below. "From the people who bring you one-sentence greeting cards comes 21 full-length original Christmas movies!"

Franco plays "Canadian handsome" actor Chris Bearstick in "Yes, Santa" alongside Kate McKinnon, and "Prince Santa" alongside "a once-famous, now very Christian actress."

Watch the hilarious fake promo and try to tell us they didn't perfectly skewer your favorite bad holiday films from the company behind your favorite overpriced greeting cards.

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