Wanda Sykes Skewers Omarosa as 'One of the Great Fails in Black History'
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"You let Donald Trump fire you three times? Why would you keep working for him," Sykes says.

Wanda Sykes celebrated Black History Month on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday night by filming her own confessional about her heritage's greatest fail: Omarosa.

"Omarosa-Manigault Newman is a TV personality and former White House aid. She gained fame on the reality show 'The Apprentice,' where she was fired by Donald Trump three times," Sykes said. "You let Donald Trump fire you three times? Why would you keep working for him. You never heard of LinkedIn or Monster.com? Hell, Craigslist has job postings and some of them are a little sketchy, but those people might still be less crazy than Trump."

Sykes then rolled a clip of Omarosa explaining how Donald Trump's presidency is the "ultimate revenge" to anyone who has ever challenged him.

"Fake news," Sykes said. "I doubt and disagree with Donald Trump every single day and have yet to bow down to him."

But Omarosa's loyalty to the former "Apprentice" host paid off because she got a job in his administrations as the White House director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison.

"OK, let me explain to you exactly what that is," Sykes said. "See, there's communications and then there's the office of public liaison. You also have a director of all of that. OK, you might be asking what does that director do? Well, I'll tell you."

Sykes explained that Omarosa duties probably included filling up the printer with paper, checking to make sure all of the clocks in the White House were correct and filling guests in on the WI-FI password.

But more importantly, she ended up getting fired yet again, and was even allegedly escorted off the property. But Omarosa is fighting back saying that she actually just resigned.

"Look, it doesn't matter which story you believe, we can all agree that Omarosa Manigault Newman is one of the great fails in Black History," Sykes said. "Come on, Omarosa, get your shit together, man. Come on. Come on, sis, come on. Just look at yourself. Just go, that's black."

Sykes finished up by recommending Omarosa look at the back of her hands, not her lighter palms.

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