Hollywood and Beyond Ridicules Fergie's National Anthem at NBA All-Star Game
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"I think mine was better," Rosanne tweets after Fergie fails in front of millions.

Just about the whole world piled on Fergie after her rendition of the National Anthem fell flat at the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night.

Not only was the average viewer finding the funniest GIFs and memes to express their displeasure with the pop star's sultry version of "The Star-Spangled Banner," but Hollywood stars were taking to Twitter to join in on the fun.

"Fergie's anthem woke pigs and sheep in petting zoos all across America," comedian and "Full House" star Bob Saget tweeted. "I gotta feelin' tonight's not gonna be a good night for Fergie."

Shortly after Fergie struggled to hit the high notes during her performance, Fergie National Anthem and Fergie's NBA All-Star Game started trending on Twitter.

"Meanwhile back in the states, I leave for a couple of days and y'all lose your muthaf-cking mind!! Why did this happen? Not everyone supposed to do this y'all! You might as well should have asked me to sing. WTF?!" comedian Leslie Jones tweeted.

And even Roseanne Barr thought it was pretty bad -- and that should probably distress Fergie the most, considering the sitcom star famously bombed while attempting to sing the national anthem at a baseball game in 1990.

"Who saw Fergie's National Anthem performance at the NBA All-Star game? I think mine was better low key," Roseanne Barr added.

Aubrey O'Day wondered why no one warned the singer. "Makes me wonder where her friends are, like nobody told you, 'Hey girl, that ain't it.'"

Wendy Williams also took Fergalicious shots at the singer Monday morning on her daytime talk show.

"I love Fergie, she's a friend to out show, I adore her, but she tried to put her own, um, spin on it and it spun out of control," Williams said. "And people are laughing and talking, and here's the thing: Fergie is an auto-tune artist to me. I like to see her pop it and rock it and with the clothes. Even the dress, what the old lady is going on? Come on Fergs! But she's a good girl and we know it, she's a friend to our show, but have to talk."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of mockery directed toward Fergie. See some of the most brutal reactions from viewers below.

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