Spencer Pratt 'So Upset' He May Have Passed on Being Punked by Sacha Baron Cohen (Exclusive)
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Pratt tells TooFab: "I'm excited to watch it, but I'm upset we didn't get punked by him."

Spencer Pratt thinks he accidentally passed up the opportunity to get royally embarassed by "Borat" creator Sacha Baron Cohen -- and he's not happy about it.

TooFab previously reported that the former star of MTV's "The Hills" posted the pitch letter on Twitter Monday night, along with a brief explanation: "The email from Sacha Baron Cohen tryna get Speidi." Naturally, we needed to know more.

"I'm so upset that we didn't do it because I'm a huge Sacha Baron Cohen fan," Pratt told TooFab on Tuesday. "I'm excited to watch it, but I'm upset we didn't get punked by him."

He and wife Heidi Montag were approached to appear on a new TV show titled "Security Makeover," but turned down the "suspicious pitch" before finding out what it really was.

"Our show is focused on common safety concerns that people experience in the 21st century and we have an Israeli security expert who'd like to advise a couple on safety tips in hopes that our audience can learn from their experience," the pitch read.

The project is allegedly another hidden camera movie from Cohen, though he has yet to confirm it's even happening. While Spencer explained that they did consider the offer, the couple opted against it because they've already had security training in the past.

"Our friend who is a former member of the unit -- he's like a tier one, special ops guy -- he's come to the house and pretty much done everything that was in that email," Pratt told TooFab. "So I was like, I don't think we need to deal with that type of stress with the baby and the four dogs, since we've already kind of gone through that training."

Pratt confirmed he had no suspicion any celebrity, let alone Cohen, was behind the project until he read Page Six's article detailing how former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley had gone through a similar experience.

"I emailed my manager and he was like, 'Wow, that's definitely it' and you know, exactly how [Gretchen] described it was in that email so I just can't wait to watch it now, but I'm pretty bummed we didn't have him over because I'm a huge fan," Pratt said.

Rossi said she believed Cohen's men were going to "literally kill Slade," after they had to complete strange tasks around guns in a mysterious home in Orange County for 4 1/2 hours. She added that Tito Ortiz had just gone through a similar ordeal and believed he was "punked by Sacha Cohen."

"For what I read from Gretchen, I'm surprised she let it go down... Like the second we saw people with guns we would have immediately left, so I don't think they would have gotten too much content because I'm not trying to be around any strangers with guns," Pratt said. "I don't think Heidi would have enjoyed being punked, but I would have gotten a kick out of it."

Pratt said the production company has not reached out to him since he published a screenshot of their pitch.

Cohen's people weren't immediately available for comment.

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