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"The View" hosts and Parkland shooting survivors react to conspiracy theory claiming students doing TV interviews are "crisis actors."

"View" conservatives and liberals alike condemned online trolls suggesting the students speaking out about gun reform after 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are being coached, or even worse, "crisis actors."

Donald Trump Jr. even seemed to support the theory that survivor David Hogg was being coached by his father, a former FBI agent, by liking a tweet about it on Twitter.

"You know what? People are just trying to make it not so easy and to downplay what these kids went through, to call them actors and say they're phony ... can we get to the thing at hand?" asked an incensed Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday.

"Kids died. The reason why these kids are standing up, they're saying, 'Hey, we want you do to something, you're the adults. We cant do that without you,'" she continued. "This is the same crap they did with the Sandy Hook parents and I resent that. I get that you don't agree but don't say they're fake."

A group of young survivors also appeared on the show via satellite, where they were asked about the outrageous claims.

"I think that's just absolutely ridiculous," said Olivia Feller. "These students who have been talking on TV, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, they're in my classes. Emma has been a family friend for years. There's no other way I can put it, they're real people."

"We've been though his, it's not a conspiracy. I think the media, they're honestly just making excuses because they can't believe that teenagers can be as eloquent and educated on these issues. It's gotten to a point where we have to be because nobody else is speaking up for us. This is a student movement and people are surprised they can speak with eloquence and stand up for themselves."

"I think they're trying to discredit you," added Joy Behar, "they have a motivation to discredit you."

"Please know those people are fringe and lunatics and people that are trying to discredit you," conservative panelist and NRA member Meghan McCain added. "Even Second Amendment supporters like myself know fully that that is not anywhere near the realm of reality and absolutely abhorrent."

Survivor Kyle Kashuv said the students' goal is to find "middle ground" when it comes to reform. "The subject isn't taking away all guns, it's making sure atrocities such as these will never happen again," he added.

"I think it's not an issue of Democrats versus Republicans, we're not being pushed by the left wing," added Feller. "It is about human lives, student lives, it is an issue with the morality of humanity. It's not about a political debate between two parties, it's about saving lives."

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