Every 'Walking Dead' Death Ranked from Satisfying to Heartbreaking

See how fans reacted with memes and GIFs over [SPOILER'S] death ... and anger over that Negan scene.

Another one bit the dust after getting bit himself on "The Walking Dead." Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This one wasn't exactly a surprise, since viewers learned a walker snacked on Carl Grimes back in December, but it still wasn't easy to say goodbye to Chandler Riggs' character thanks to one extremely emotional episode.

Though you can check out our full breakdown of the episode here, "Honor" mostly revolved around Carl giving his final messages to his father Rick (Andrew Lincoln), sister Judith and surrogate mother Michonne (Danai Gurira) after he was bitten by a zombie saving newcomer Saddiq.

And, man, was it a tearjerker.

We watched as he took selfies with a sister who will barely remember him, told Michonne she was his "best friend" and made his father promise to try and make peace with the Saviors for a hopeful future.

Then, he shot himself in the head to keep him from becoming one of the undead. In terms of "Walking Dead" deaths, it was definitely one of the most heartbreaking so far.


Twitter exploded after the episode aired, with co-stars and fans alike mourning Carl in heartbreaking and hilarious fashion. Another faction was absolutely livid about the thought of Negan living comfortably with the Alexandrians. See reactions for both below!

RIP Carl

That Negan Scene