All the Shade NeNe Leakes, Marlo Hampton Threw at 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' on 'WWHL'
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These firecrackers held nothing back.

NeNe Leakes and her partner in pot-stirring crime, Marlo Hampton, stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Sunday night to spill all the tea on -- and throw all the shade at -- their "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-stars.

Joined by Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey, who were both sitting in the audience, these "RHOA" firecrackers did not hold back.

Here's everything they said:

NeNe Goes After Kroy Biermann

A caller asked NeNe how she felt about Kim Zolciak's husband, Kroy Biermann, having to go everywhere Kim goes.

"Oh, my feelings are very much out there," NeNe said. "If it's a girls trip, it's a girl trip. No ding-a-lings unless they're in your suitcase."

'Kim Don't Stop the Show'

A caller then asked NeNe how she would react "if Kim were to come to the reunion."

"Let's be clear, Kim is coming to the reunion," NeNe said, making all kinds of faces. "She's a part of the cast. I'm going to act the way I'm acting right now. Kim don't stop no show."

NeNe Talks RoachGate

When a caller brought up RoachGate and asked NeNe if recording bugs crawling around in someone's home was worse than accusing someone of lying about having cancer, NeNe admitted that "both are bad."

"But you just don't go to someone's house and start videoing something, especially when you weren't invited in the first place, OK, honey?" she added.

Will NeNe and Porsha Ever Be Friends Again?

"Listen, I can move on," NeNe said to a caller who inquired about her relationship with Porsha Williams. "Porsha and I are OK. It's just gonna take some time for us to get back where we were. Just gonna take some time. We alright. We work together, honey."

Marlo Says Kandi 'Can Get Very Wet'

"I always mess with Kandi," Marlo said when a caller asked why she felt the need to offer Kandi etiquette classes. "I love her to death. She's here now supporting me. And the etiquette I can learn from Kandi is definitely how not to spend so much money on labels and things that are unnecessary. But that doesn't have anything to do with etiquette. I'm just saying -- be a little more friendlier, but I love my Kandi."

Andy Cohen then pointed out that Marlo has called Kandi "dry as toast."

"She is dry," Marlo said. "But she can be very wet and get very wet because she has bedroom Kandi. She has a lot of lubricants, so I know she's not that dry."

Kandi, who was sitting in the audience, was mortified by Marlo's choice of words. But regarding her "dryness," she said, "When I first meet somebody, I'm not overly friendly. I'm very careful about talking to people. I sit back and watch first, and they say that's being dry, but hey, you can't be all friendly every time somebody comes around."

NeNe added that she calls Kandi "the gatekeeper."

'Kandi Thinks All of Us Wanna Swim in the Lady Pond'

A caller asked NeNe why her friend, Eva Marcille, and Porsha's friend, Shamea Morton, got off to a bad start.

"It was simple," NeNe said. "[Shamea] asked [Eva], was she sleeping with Missy Elliott?"

Marlo pointed out Eva told Bravo cams she has taken dips in "the lady pond," but NeNe said "never with Missy."

"Kandi thinks all of us wanna swim in the lady pond," NeNe said.

NeNe 'Ain't Did Nothing to Shereé'

One caller noted that Shereé Whitfield "starts all the drama and then sits back and watches everybody."

"We didn't say that we trust Sheree," Marlo said. "She's the bone carrier. She's gonna deliver the bones, and you just need to read between the lines. She's not gonna deliver all the bones. She won't deliver bones to Kim. She'll deliver bones to everyone else, except Kim."

"Of course she doesn't want to deliver them to me, for what reason, I don't know," NeNe added. "She picks and chooses the bones that she want to deliver. I ain't did nothing to Shereé."

Kandi Doesn't Trust Marlo

Andy then asked Kandi who from the cast she trusts.

"I don't think it's a thing of trusting because it's hard to trust anybody once you're on this show," she said.

"Really?!" NeNe interrupted.

"You trust me, right?" Marlo asked Kandi, who then made a face of disapproval. "Oh, you don't trust me?"

"I never even got close enough to say that," Kandi said to Marlo. "I mean, I don't know. You and I ain't never been that tight."

"I dated your cousin!" Marlo replied.

NeNe then chimed in, telling Andy, "I am loyal to my girls, until they're not loyal to me."

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