Stars Who Wear Feminism on Their Sleeve

"It's not easy, but you can break free from this brainwashing cult," the TBS late-night comedian says.

Samantha Bee argued that the gun lobby known as the National Rifle Association is a cult, and then encouraged those cult members to jump ship for Scientology -- another cult in her mind, but least it's safer than the NRA.

"Is Scientology safe? No, it's bonkers, but it's like safer for the rest of us," Bee said in the "Full Frontal" PSA that aired Wednesday. "Hey buddy, I know you like to be part of something small and universally disrespected. So why not try Scientology? Because if you volunteer to be Kirstie Alley's boat slave, at least you're only hurting yourself."

In a segment taking a deep dive into her comparison of the two organizations, she admitted she didn't initially make a connection between the two, but then realized they have so much in common.

"Both of these cults are based on fanciful myths that when repeated enough their otherwise intelligent followers start to believe. One says that 75 million years ago, an intergalactic warlord nuked billions of people in volcanoes, and then there's the really crazy myth that guns have nothing to do with gun violence," Bee said. "Both organizations despise the media. Scientology has no greater enemy than the press -- except maybe whoever's in charge of painting on John Travolta's hair -- and the NRA attacks the media with glammed-up spokesglock Dana Loesch."

"Both of these messianic cults push the narrative that only they can save the world -- but if you join them, you can share in their power. They'll make you a superhero," Bee continued. "Whether that means healing the sick with your mind or making a kill shot on a mass murderer, despite being unable to even hit the toilet bowl when you're taking a leak, and the only thing you need to do to get that awesome power is keep buying things from them."

"It's not easy, but you can break free from this brainwashing cult," the comedian concluded. "So if any NRA members are hate watching us right now, there is hope."

Cut to the PSA encouraging them to blow their money on L. Ron Hubbard books instead of guns. That portion of the video (above) starts at the 6:20 mark, FYI.

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