Burt Reynolds Throws Shade at Trump and Calls This Actress 'Overrated' on 'WWHL'
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"I did not get along with her," Reynolds says of one actress he worked with back in the '80s.

Legendary actor Burt Reynolds was feeling a little salty on Thursday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," where he played a game of Plead the Fifth with Andy Cohen.

The 82-year-old actor, promoting his latest flick "The Last Movie Star," failed to answer one of the questions thrown at him honestly, but the shade he threw in the two he did respond to more than made up for it.

First, Reynolds was asked about his friendship with President Donald Trump. In the past, he admitted that their relationship had been "fading" in recent years.

"I think he's doing some good things," Reynolds told Cohen. "Mostly, he's acting on his instincts which are not good."

Cohen then asked, "Who is the most overrated actor of the 70s and 80s?" After taking a beat, Reynolds answered, "Kathleen Turner."

The two worked together on the movie 1988 movie "Switching Channels," which Reynolds later admitted would be the one project he'd love to have removed from his resume altogether. "The picture wasn't good," he explained. "And I didn't get along with her."

The question he skipped: Who are the best 3 lovers of your life?

Though he jokingly said "Jack Nicholson," Reynolds did reveal the love of his life earlier in the day on "Today."

"I'm dead in the water no matter what I say," he told Hoda Kotb. "Well, she was 7 when I fell in love with her. She stayed 7 for about 11 years. I would say Sally." He then clarified he meant Sally Field, who he later dated for about 5 years.

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