Reality TV Couples Who Split

"I don’t sleep, I’m worried about her," Evelyn Braxton says, laying out her concern for her daughter.

Evelyn Braxton revealed why she decided to break from the family and speak to the media about her daughter Tamar Braxton's split from Vincent Herbert in an exclusive clip from Thursday's "Braxton Family Values."

During an in-depth talk with her daughter Trina, the matriarch is asked to explain why she spoke with TMZ photographers back in November, saying Vince better "keep his hands off of my child" and adding that he needs to seek "counseling." He later told TMZ rumors of spousal abuse were "not true at all" and appeared on good terms with Tamar on "The View" back in March.

"She's my child. I can't... it's really getting to my heart if you know what I'm saying," Evelyn replied. "I don't sleep, I'm worried about her and you know I don't put y'all business out, you know that. It's all out of desperation, because I couldn't do anything about it. I don't know what else to do, Trina."

In the clip, both Evelyn and Trina are upset with Tamar, because she isn't letting them help her through her divorce.

"At this point I'm frustrated cause it's like, 'How dare my family look out for me,' but it's like but I can't protect somebody who's protecting somebody else, so I washed my hands of it," Trina said of her frustration to her mother.

"Mommy there's nothing else we can do, except be there for her when she’s ready," Trina added, trying to console her mother after she broke down in tears.

"It is just not a good feeling to see your mom crying," Trina later said in a confessional. "Hopefully [Tamar] will come to the realization that her family is not her enemy and she can lean on us and she can talk to us and she can be honest, but you can’t be honest with anyone else until you’re honest with yourself first."

We'll have to see what happens next when "Braxton Family Values" airs Thursday night 9/8c on WeTV.

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