Every 'Walking Dead' Death: From Satisfying to Heartbreaking

Whose nose did Rick Grimes fracture IRL while filming the current season?

The most dangerous person on the set of "The Walking Dead" isn't one of the show's flesh-eating zombies, it's star Andrew Lincoln.

While appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday night, costar Norman Reedus -- AKA Daryl Dixon -- revealed that Andy is embarrassingly uncoordinated, resulting in dire consequences.

"The thing about Andy, he's got no coordination whatsoever. Zero," Reedus explained, before sharing details of a phone call he had with Jeffrey Dean Morgan before the latter filmed a fight scene between Negan and Rick.

"So Jeffrey Dean Morgan calls me and he goes, 'Aw man, tonight's gonna suck because I have the big fight scene with Andy and he's gonna punch me in the face,'" he explained. "'He's going o drink a lot of coffee, get really excited and punch me in the face.'"

When asked by Fallon if he meant actually punch him, Reedus responded, "For real. It's supposed to be acting. But he has no coordination. He [hits people] and then he completely denies that he did it."

He said that while he was talking to Morgan, Lincoln -- hopped up on coffee -- called on the other line and said he was heading to set extremely early to prep for the scene. "Andy going, 'So tonight, I'm getting ready, I'm gonna add a karate kick, I'm gonna chop him and throw it and all this stuff.'"

After telling Morgan he was "so screwed," Reedus said he got a photo text from the actor later that evening. "It's Jeff with a Band-aid on his nose, with an ice pack. He punched him in the nose, fractured his nose!"

Reedus said he's been on the receiving end of Lincoln's fist as well, while filming a Season 8 fight.

"We did this one scene and I beat the crap out of him and he's supposed to run and tackle me off camera and he jumps and punches me in the face with a double fist," Reedus said. "An hour later, he's like what's wrong? Because he knows he did that."

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