'Truth or Dare' Star Violett Beane's 'Issue' With Horror Movies and Why This One Gets It Right
"Truth or Dare"
These Horror Movie Kids Don't Look Like THIS Anymore!

Actress also spills on cast's "no holds barred" bonding trip to Mexico.

Usually, a game of Truth or Dare ends with minor embarrassment or a closet makeout session, but in the new horror film of the same name, the consequences are downright deadly.

Starring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey and "The Flash" alum Violett Beane, the movie revolves around a group of college students whose Spring Break takes a turn for the horrible after they're lured into a cursed game of Truth or Dare. Fail to answer the question honestly, you die. Too chicken to do the dare? RIP.

Come for the fun premise, but stay for the characters.

"I think what's really great about this movie is how much you're able to care about the characters," Beane told TooFab when asked what the latest Blumhouse horror flick brings to the genre. "I think an issue that a lot of horror films come up against is that they don't dive deep enough into the people, so when they die, no one really cares."

"But with this movie, each and every character has something that they're holding onto or something that, you know, makes them unique that the game ultimately uses against them," the actress continued. "So you really get to dive into these people and see why they say and do the things they do right before they die."

While her character's trip to Mexico comes with dire results, Benne told us the cast had a blast when they went across the border for a 24-hour bonding session. The director even gave them iPhones to film themselves with during the trip, with the footage making it into the final product.

See what Beane revealed about making the new horror movie, what she loves most about appearing on "The Flash" and whether she has any embarrassing Truth or Dare moments of her own!

We read that they sent the cast down to Mexico for a 24-hour road trip before filming. What was that bonding experience like?

Honestly, it was like the best thing. A lot of TV shows and movies take for granted the fact that, you know, the actors have to act like they have chemistry with these people and they just met them five seconds before shooting the first scene. So going down to Mexico was like the perfect bonding experience and we got really great footage for like the opening credits. That was all us just like running around Mexico, shooting things with our cameras.

Who do you think got the wildest on your day trip?

The wildest? Oh man. All of us, I mean, there were definitely no holds barred.

Did you actually play truth or dare at all while filming?

I think we did like late that night. But I don't know if it went very far, we weren't very creative. I mean really, it's like, if you're not 12 or in this movie, like, they get forced to. Like they reluctantly play the game. They're like 'Come on, we're not in middle school.' You know, they're like, 'Why are we doing this?' And I also don't want to die. So I don't know if I'll ever play it again.

Do you have any real life Truth or Dare embarrassing moments that you are willing to share?

I never really played it. I think like if I did, it was like, I always got dared to like eat whatever's left in the fridge, which -- it's just gross. Don't do it.

Alright, so in the press notes they describe Markie as a bit of a hot mess.

Yeah. But she thinks she has it all together.

Of course, as most people do. But for you, what did you like about playing a character like that?

She was totally like free of anything. She like didn't care which is not like me, I, you know, I plan out things. I care about people and what I do. It was really interesting to be able to do that and also to go blonde. I mean, I've always wanted to and I finally got to and it was fun. I got to say, blondes have a lot of fun.

Have you always been a fan of horror movies in general? Or is this you dipping your toes into it?

Oh no, I love horror. Specifically like thriller and suspense stuff. Like "Final Destination" actually is like one of my favorite types of movies. I just love like being on the edge of my seat and like "Don't Breathe," one of the best horror movies. "Get Out" -- "Get Out," well, "Get Out" is horror but I think one of the best just films in general.

How is it being in a Blumhouse film? Because they're known for their rapid filming schedule, which has gotta be a very different experience for some.

Oh, yeah. I mean we shot I think in less than 25 days, which is kind of insane. But, I mean it works for horror because you're like, you're so run and done, and everything is like quick shocks and quick reactions and emotions and like everything's heightened, so it kind adds to that.

Were there scary moments on set?

I mean, we shot for the last week, we shot in like this warehouse thing and that was kind of creepy and I think had asbestos. But nothing like too scary.

We're big fans of "The Flash" at TooFab and it was nice to see you pop up this season. Do you think we'll see Jesse again, maybe next season on either on "The Flash" or "Legends of Tomorrow"?

Yeah, you know I think that's what's so awesome about having that show is that the fans are invested in each and every character, no matter how big or small. So like when a character does come back, fans are so excited. Like I had such positive reactions to the one episode I came back in this season and it's so fun. It's like you feed off of it. And they love it, you love it, like I love suiting up and running around, saving Central City. It's really fun.

And now, what do you have coming up next?

I actually just finished filming a pilot in New York for CBS. And so fingers crossed it gets picked up!

"Truth or Dare" scares its way into theaters April 13.