How Hollywood Celebrated National Sibling Day

"Sweet Jesus!" This late-night sketch is always fun.

"Spectacularish-ish," "fluffy girl," "not today Satan," "screwing," "ladies of the night" and "sweet Jesus!" were a few of Kerry Washington's selections for "Mad Libs Theater" with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

The "Tonight Show" host asked the "Scandal" star for a series of nouns, adjectives, verbs and other more specific choices to fill out a ridiculous script for a parent-teacher conference scene.

"My cue-card guy just fainted," Fallon joked when Washington made up the word "spectacularish-ish."

"Spectacularish-ish" didn't yield any spectacular laughs, but "screwing," "sweet Jesus!" and "ladies of the night" proved to be excellent random choices for a scene in which Washington played the teacher and Fallon played a father concerned about his son "Coconut."

We love how they worked in a perfectly timed "Harry Potter" reference. Watch the video above if you enjoy smiling.

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