23 Scariest Things Trump Has Ever Said

"I hadn't heard your name until all of this had happened," McCain says to the porn star on Tuesday's "The View."

Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, were met with applause when they stopped by "The View" Tuesday morning, but not from co-host Meghan McCain.

The conservative panelist on the ABC daytime talk show suggested that their legal crusade against President Donald Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen, was nothing more than a massive "publicity stunt."

McCain took issue with Daniels and Avenatti sitting in on Cohen's court hearing Monday afternoon. Cohen is currently under criminal investigation for his involvement in the monetary cover-up of the alleged affair between Trump and Daniels back in 2006. McCain felt Daniels' presence at the hearing was questionable since she "didn't have anything to do with the case."

"It seems like a publicity stunt on some level. I mean, I think yesterday, because you didn't have anything to do with the case, it seemed a little like you were just trying to get attention," McCain said. "I understand you're being sued by our president, but it does seem like you're benefiting a lot. I mean, you've gone on your Make America Horny Again tour. I'm sure you're making a lot of money, no disrespect. I hadn't heard your name until all of this had happened, and now you're literally live on 'The View' giving an entire interview with us, so it has been beneficial for your career."

Avenatti shot back that McCain's assumptions were "just not accurate" and explained that the judge on Cohen's case granted him access to the hearing, stated that she'd hear from Avenatti on any issue that he wanted to speak about, and recognized that both he and his client had standing in connection with the case.

"Some of these documents that were ceased relate to [Stormy], and in fact, the warrants stemmed in significant part from what happened to my client, so we had every right to be there," Avenatti said, adding that the judge would not have granted him access to the hearing if he truly had no business being there, as McCain suggested.

"I think it was very important that Stormy was there to lend her support for the efforts of the U.S. Attorney's office and to send a message that this is not a publicity stunt," Avenatti added. "This is serious business. There's a lot at stake here. These documents that are at issue could prove to be critically important as it relates to the future of the presidency."

Daniels told McCain that she "did not name the tour," and even though she has "gotten more bookings than usual," she's been "doing the job that [she's] been doing for the last almost 20 years."

"Yes, there's a lot of publicity, but I didn't do it for that, because this isn't what I want to be known for," Daniels said, adding that even though she's "making more money," she's "spending so much more."

Regarding her appearance at Cohen's hearing Monday, Daniels said, "I just wanted to make my presence known and make sure that people knew that I was taking it serious. I know there was flack because he didn't show up to court on Friday, and I wasn't sure they were gonna discuss anything particularly relating to papers in my case, and I just wanted to be prepared and get all the facts."

The President of the United States is currently suing the porn star for $20 million for breaking an NDA she signed just before the 2016 presidential election. The legal document stated she'd keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump, but Avenatti is seeking to nullify said agreement since Trump himself never signed it.

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