Jimmy Kimmel Hires Third Grader to Teach Trump a Lesson About 'Fake News'
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"You undermine the people's trust in the free press to keep us informed," 9-year-old Noah tells the president on Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Jimmy Kimmel hired a third grader to help teach President Donald Trump a lesson on one of his favorite terms: fake news.

"It's not what you think it is," 9-year-old Noah said during a segment on Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

After quoting the dictionary as defining "fake" to mean "a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham," Noah explained that "fake news is a news story that is intentionally fabricated and presented as if it were real news."

Noah even used an example of an article that, although funny, was completely untrue. The article, headlined "Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes Inside Man's Butt During Shoplifting Incident," was shared 765,000 times on Facebook.

"Unfortunately, a lot of the fake news articles have misled people about important subjects, like reporting that the Pope endorsed you, or that ISIS told Muslims to vote for Hillary [Clinton]," Noah said. "That's fake news."

Noah went on to explain to Trump that fake news and news the president disagrees with are two different things.

"When you call real news fake, you undermine the people's trust in the free press to keep us informed," he concluded.

The bit was introduced after Kimmel roasted the president for retweeting a Stormy Daniels sketch meme from "a fanatical Trump fan" who lives in Scotland. According to Kimmel, she loves Trump so much, she was convicted of stealing money from her church so she could meet Trump in New York.

"And this is who he's retweeting -- someone he should probably have a restraining order against," Kimmel joked. "Even the idea that the president is scrolling through Twitter looking for things to retweet is nuts."

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