First Look at 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'

"The only way to defeat a Shaqnado is to make it shoot a free throw!" Corden says in ridiculous trailer.

With the "Sharknado" franchise maybe coming to a close on Syfy, it's time to start looking for the next ridiculous threat to face mankind, but what could be more dangerous than a tornado filled with sharks? How about one filled with Shaqs?

James Corden presented a new trailer for a film so terrible, we kind of hope it actually does get made. Corden himself stars alongside Posh Spice Victoria Beckham as the would-be lovers who must come together to find a way to stop a whirling vortex of air and Shaquille O'Neals.

That's right, it's not just one Shaq, but dozens of Shaqs spinning around inside and around that funnel cloud. Even worse, they're all yelling "Shaqnado!" and "I'm a Shaqnado!" so it's also kind of annoying to be near it.

Tracee Ellis Ross has a supporting role as the newscaster detailing the path of destruction as the Shaqnado tears through downtown Los Angeles. Only James and Victoria can save the day ... for some reason. Like why are these two people the most qualified? Wait, we're actually breaking down the plot. You can't do that with these kind of things. Never mind.

"The only way to defeat a Shaqnado is to make it shoot a free throw!" Corden realizes. So they throw basketballs into the Shaqnado's eye. Yup, this tracks. Nothing ridiculous to see here. Rock solid logic.

Has Syfy picked this up yet? There's a love story, danger and Shaquille O'Neal and another Shaquille O'Neal and another Shaquille O'Neal and...

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