'Stranger Things' Star Gaten Matarazzo Age-Shames Darren Criss in Epic 'Drop the Mic' Rap Battle
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Former "The Walking Dead" co-stars Chandler Riggs and Chad L. Coleman got downright ugly about their respective character deaths.

It was a genre battle royale on an epic "Drop the Mic" as "Stranger Things" star Gaten Matarazzo took on Darren Criss, the former "Glee" star who received critical acclaim for his performance in "The Assassination of Gianni Versace" earlier this year.

The youngster didn't pull any of his punches. Then, it was a "Walking Dead" showdown as former stars Chandler Riggs and Chad L. Coleman threw down.

There was a definite divide between rap flow and writing skills, or maybe it's just a popularity contest. If it was about who had the best delivery then they got both rap battles wrong. But if it was skill with the pen, well it was time for the next generation to stand up and get noticed.

We've got the epic breakdown below:

Darren Criss v Gaten Matarazzo

The "Glee" star came out, and he wasn't at all concerned that his opponent was only 15-years old. "You're a newbie, you're a rookie and I'm a seasoned vet / And like all the child actors, let's get you schooled on set," he rapped, setting the stage for what was to come. "I love all the '80s references that your show did / Like I can't believe they found a real-life Cabbage Patch Kid."

But it was his final fakeout that really rocked, as he dropped the music and spoke heart-to-heart to the young actor. "I'm rooting for you, and for you greatness calls," he told him. "I hope you drop the mic, because you barely dropped your balls!" Oh damn!

But Gaten wasn't phased, nor was he impressed. "Yes you're a vet, but nobody cares / You covered 'Teenage Dream,' it was an adult nightmare," he rapped. "You had no chance tonight against me on this stage / 'Cause I'm twice the superstar you are, and half of your age!"

It was a hard-fought battle, but one Matarazzo took home. He then challenged his co-stars Finn Wolfhard and Winona Ryder to square off against one another.

Chad L. Coleman v Chandler Riggs

Once again, it was age versus youth, as Coleman tore into Riggs, who was recently killed off the hit AMC series.

"The only thing you're known for is how long you let your hair grow / You're about to get wiped up by my sick rhyme flow," he warned the young actor. "We only give a damn about Chandler from 'Friends' / Heard you went to the prom but they didn't let you in / Heard you went to Legoland and your ass got carded / Y'all bow your heads now 'cause he's the dearly departed."

Riggs didn't have nearly as much confidence on the mic as the former, but he had the lyrical skill to compete: "Chad was on 'Terminator,' his acting was a crime / He said, 'I'll be back,' viewers said, 'Take your time.'"

He even took potshots at Coleman's post-"Dead" career, adding, "'Walking Dead's' such a big break, dying isn't sad / Some of the stars become Punisher, others are just Chad / Carl may have died when he tripped on a log / But at least I'm not remembered as a low-budget T-Dog"

Oooh, that had to hurt! And rightfully so, it was Riggs who took home the trophy after that one.

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