'Stranger Things' Kids Present a Sweet and Strange Father's Day Tribute to ... Steve Harrington?
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Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnaap and Sadie Sink join forces to wish a Happy Father's Day to the popular character, who is none of their fathers on the show or in real life.

Steve Harrington, as portrayed by Joe Keery, is not a father to any of the kids on "Stranger Things," but that didn't stop them from honoring him with a strangely sweet Father's Day video on Twitter.

Some of them were in character for their tribute, while others simply referred to their character, but all of them were sure of one thing: Steve Harrington deserves some fatherly love from the youngsters he stepped up to protect in the second season of the smash hit supernatural Netflix series by the Duffer Brothers.

Gaten Matarazzo, who portrays fan-favorite Dustin, kicked things off on the video by saying, "I want to wish a personal Happy Father's Day to our good friend Steve Harrington."

Next up, Finn Wolfhard was totally in character as Mike welcoming Steve into the family. He was followed by Noah Schnaap declaring Steve "the dad that Will Byers deserves," and Sadie Sink's Max, who adorably called him "Dad Steve."

The kids then brought it home before the joke got old with Matarazzo thanking Steve for yelling at Dustin "like a good dad would," while Wolfard said, "you're my dad now, Steve."

After starting off as a bully in the first season of the show, Steve softened after coming face to face with that season's monster from the Upside Down. In the second season, he still had a bit of that edge -- and that amazingly coiffed hair -- but he was more sympathetic to his girlfriend Nancy's (Natalie Dyer) younger brother Mike and his goofy friends. By the end of the season, he was like the older brother most of them didn't have.

Scratch that. If this video is to be believed, he was more like the father they all wanted.

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