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There was much crying to be had in the show's final moments, except from "the two wicked witches."

Sara Haines went out on a delightfully tearful note on Thursday's episode of "The View," which was her last day after two seasons on the ABC morning show.

After a highlight reel of her best moments brought on waterworks from the co-host, she took a moment to give an emotional goodbye to her co-hosts at the table, those working on the show and watching from home.

"It has been an honor, a privilege and an absolute dream to work here at this show. From the many people that you guys will never see behind the cameras who have become lifelong friends -- they're not going anywhere -- to dear friends I have made at this table who are absolutely TV gold," she said.

"You guys are strong, empowered, opinionated women and for anyone who's ever been in a sport, you know the best team members are the ones who lift you up and make you better and you guys did that for me," she continued. "I love this view and I love all of you."


Sunny Hostin was visibly emotional as she spoke, though Joy Behar and Meghan McCain held back the tears. "The two wicked witches, we don't cry," joked Behar.

A stoic Whoopi Goldberg also added, "We are truly bummed that you're leaving, we're really thrilled that you're going onto the next chapter."

McCain also said her goodbyes, calling her an "absolute pleasure," before Whoopi asked Haines to close the show by saying their motto: "Have a great day everyone and take a little time to enjoy 'The View.'"

Haines will co-host the third hour of "Good Morning America" with Michael Strahan starting September 10.

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