Late-Night Comedians Dump on Omarosa's Trump Tell-All Book: 'It Is a Real Page Stopper'
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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden don't know what to believe as Omarosa's book drops and her war with Trump wages on.

Once again, it was all Omarosa Manigault-Newman all the time on Tuesday as the former White House aide's memoir was released, and the late-night hosts were even less impressed with her book than her ongoing feud with Donanld Trump.

Omarosa was on any show that would have her, while Trump continued railing against her on Twitter, coming up with new and even less flattering nicknames and descriptors like "deranged" and "dog." At least she doesn't have to bother recording these insults as the president is putting them on record himself.

While Omarosa dropped by "The Daily Show" for a lengthy and candid chat with Trevor Noah, his fellow late-night hosts were examining the latest turns in her Omarosa-Trump war of our times. Stephen Colbert and James Corden were less than impressed with her book, while Jimmy Kimmel can't figure out who's less trustworthy between the two of them.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Stephen Colbert kicked off his show with an actual copy of "Unhinged" in his hands, but it was a special adornment he was most excited about. "It's highly anticipated. It's filled with salacious behind-the-scenes details, and it's 30 percent off," he laughed. "It's the literary equivalent of day-old sushi."

Now, in Omarosa's defense, many booksellers immediately discount new releases in attempts to drive sales and help move them onto bestseller lists where they can get more press and perhaps have longer sell-through.

He then took another look at the unending allegations that there is a tape of Trump using the n-word during his "Apprentice" days, with Penn Jillette now joining Tom Arnold in asserting that Trump has used the word and the tape likely exists.

"If this shocking allegation is true, it would undeniably make some of his fans very happy," Colbert said of Trump. "Others would go, 'Eh, I don't like that he's a racist, but you know, taxes.'"

He then pondered one of life's unponderables. "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it say the n-word, is it racist?"

"The Late Late Show with James Corden"

Later, James Corden claims he's read Omarosa's book cover to cover. "Let me tell you it is a real page stopper," he said. "It is. Honestly."

He even looked at some other reviews of the book, which seem equally unimpressed. "People are saying it's petty, full of outright fabrications," he noted. "So if you love reading Trump's tweets, you're gonna love this book."

One review caught his eye in particular, which was Entertainment Weekly calling the book "a new peak in disgrace." Corden joked that this "upset the president because that was going to be his 2020 campaign slogan."

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Jimmy Kimmel has been watching the war rage between Trump and his former protege, but when it comes to Donald Trump and Omarosa, he's torn. Who do you root for? "It's like Lord Voldemort versus King Joffrey," he joked.

Kimmel also dove in on the president's tweet attack of Omarosa's allegations that he'd used the n-word. "The president vehemently denied that charge," Kimmel said. "In fact, he said some of his best friends are n-words."

But it was Trump's Tuesday morning tweet where he referred to Omarosa as a "dog" that stood out to him the most. "Only Donald Trump would defend himself from being racist by saying something sexist," he said. "I think this is what Melania was talking about when she said, 'Be Best.'"

In the end, though, it's up to everyone to decide where they stand in this war. "It's hard to know who to trust on this one," Kimmel said. "Do we believe the lying, unhinged, backstabbing reality television star, or do we believe Omarosa."

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