Tom Arnold Claims Roseanne Once Vandalized Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Car and Says This About Her Character's Death
Here's How Hollywood Responded to 'Roseanne' Cancellation

Tom Arnold responds to Roseanne Barr getting killed off "The Connors" after revealing his ex-wife once vandalized Julia Louis-Dreyfus' car.

Tom Arnold gave Andy Cohen a run for his money when he stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday night.

The topics of discussion ranged from Roseanne Barr getting killed off "The Connors," to a story about how she once vandalized Julia Louis-Dreyfus' car. Tom also said his ex-wife was "the least racist person" he had ever met, despite having told Piers Morgan earlier this year that she was "undeniably racist." Tom also revealed to Andy the most outrageous remark he's ever heard President Donald Trump say in his company.

"Tom, is it true you once defiled Julia Louis-Dreyfus' car because she parked in your parking spot?" Andy asked Tom.

"I wrote a note. I didn't know it was her car at the time," he explained. "And then my ex-wife, Roseanne...drove up to the car, took a Polaroid of John Goodman's naked ass, and put that on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' car, and then took soap and wrote 'Julia Louis-Dry Pus' on her car. I swear to God. It's a very famous side-note story, so you know what, it's sad that she's dying on the show. She's a wonderful woman."

"But if you know the whole story, the 'Seinfeld' people were being crappy," he added. "God bless Roseanne."

The conversation led right into Tom's thoughts on Roseanne getting killed off her own NBC spin-off.

"Boy, I don't think you're gonna ask me back either way you look at it," Tom said to Andy, who replied, "I don't either, so say what you think."

"I don't know what to think. I think this -- Sara Gilbert is a jinx on every show she's on this year. Let me tell you that," Tom said. "I'm kidding! That was a joke. I wish them all the best. I don't know. Boy, I don't know."

During the most "all over the place" game of Plead the Fifth in "WWHL" history, Andy asked Tom, "In a 2018 Piers Morgan interview, you stated that Roseanne is 'undeniably racist.' What is the most racist thing she has ever said in front of you?"

"When I met Roseanne...I'd never met a woman -- a person -- like Roseanne,' Tom replied. "She was a feminist and the least racist person I ever met. I never met a person like her. I never heard the term 'person of color' before. She wasn't racist when I was with her."

"But you say now she's 'undeniably' racist,'" a confused Andy pointed out.

"Well, yeah," Tom replied. "Look at her Twitter feed. Look at how she is. She couldn't say one good thing about... Something happened. But she wasn't like that [before]."

Andy moved on to the next topic, saying, "You've stated that you've known Donald Trump for 30 years. Tell me the most outrageous remark he has ever said in your company."

"When he first walked into 'The Best Damn Sports Show Period' and sat down, he said, 'Look at that,' and there were four teenage, 15-year-old girls in the front row," Tom said. "And I didn't notice until I went back and looked at the tape. [They were in] school-girl outfits, and he honed in on them."

Tom said he and his co-host at the time, John Salley, then asked Trump who he would consider to be the best candidate for "The Apprentice." Tom said Trump pointed at a group of black people.

"He said, 'They would because they're black, and they'd have every advantage,'" Tom said. "He literally said that."

Andy then asked, "Can you say three nice things about Donald Trump?"

"I pray he gets good things said," Tom replied. "I pray that North Korea... I pray that, every day, whatever happens is good for my country and that there will be good things to come out of this."

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