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You haven't lived until you've heard them sing about "private waxers," set to the tune of "Tiny Dancer."

James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris made great (and slightly awkward) music together on "The Late Late Show" last night.

The two "got the band back together" to surprise a few fans with singing telegrams celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and, yes, even a cat adoption.

Dressed in matching red velvet blazers and bow ties, the two first hit up a boxing ring to perform for a couple who have been married for 19 years.

Singing to the beat of Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," the duo sang, "Anniversary, versary, it's your anniversary, 19th anniversary. Let me bounce against the ropes!"

From there, it was off to meet Monique, a beautician who was mid-wax when they showed up. Singing to the music of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," they sang about Monique's profession, taking special interest in her work below the waist.

"She's giving millions of good Brazilians, all those tiny hairs are gone," they sang. "She'll make you look so fine, trimming your bikini line, every-time that you go swimming, you won't look shaggy, stubbly. Happy birthday private waxer, all your customers are raving! Management is very happy, with all the private parts you're shaving."

Making it all the more uncomfortable, it wasn't actually Monique's birthday. Whoops!

The twosome ended their journey singing for Carly, who just adopted her first cat.

"Carly, I'm your cat and I love you," the two -- sporting cat ears -- sang to the tune of "Memories" from "Cats."

"I'm so glad that you found me, meow meow meow purr," they continued. "If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is. Thank you Carly, rub my fur!"

Watch the full sketch above!

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