'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Bristol's mom, Sarah Palin, also chimes in on her split and how Dakota Meyer's handling it.

"Teen Mom OG" was filled with some serious drama this week, as the stars dealt with breakups, arrests and even a trip to a rehab center.

And if there's one thing almost all the show's cast members are struggling with, it's finding closure in any sense of the word.

Here's what went down with each of the moms:

Bristol Palin

Baby Daddy drama still plagued Bristol Palin, as she had awkward interactions with both Levi Johnston and Dakota Meyer.

First, she complained to mom Sarah Palin about Dakota moving all her belongings into a separate bedroom while she was out of town, following their separation.

"That bare empty room?" asked Sarah. "Of course, that was a symbolic thing that he did there. That's heartbreaking, Bristol."

Bristol told her mother Meyer also asked for her ring back and said, "You better get your mama's money, because I'm gonna fight you tooth and nail until the girls are 18."

"The thing that I worry about, is how are we going to learn to communicate as coparents and putting our kids first and not having petty arguments?" asked Bristol.

Later, when talking to Meyer over the phone, she asked her ex whether he'll be at the house when she returned from a trip to Los Angeles. That set him off when they got off the call.

"She's a f--king smart ass isn't she? She's an obnoxious smart ass," he vented to a producer. "'Oh, so you're gonna be there all week?' It's my house. What am I gonna do, for 8 days, go find another place to stay? No."

"She just thinks that when she makes a decision and she wants to do something, everyone else should just bow down and run to her help and make it happen," he continued. "She's not my problem anymore. I get upset about it because I have another 16 years to have to communicate to a human being like this about my daughters."

While things with Meyer aren't so chipper, her relationship with Levi has somewhat smoothed over. Admitting that they had issues in the past, Bristol said Johnston had "recently stepped up" in the daddy department.

She was seen meeting up with Levi, his wife Sunny and their two daughters -- Breeze and Indy -- to hand over son Tripp. They made small talk, but it was somewhat uncomfortable. "One awkward situation done today," noted Bristol after the handoff.

Maci Bookout

After celebrating son Bentley's birthday, Maci Bookout received a troubling message about his father, Ryan Edwards.

He had been arrested for violating probation, after not completing community service for a 2017 heroin possession charge. "The mug shot is not good, at all," Maci noted when she saw the photo on her phone.


Maci was asked by the show's producers if the former couple's son understood everything involving Edwards. "He knows that if we say, 'Hey, we've got to talk to you about some stuff that's going on with your dad,' he knows what's coming after that," she explained.

She did tell Bentley about the arrest, off camera, and later admitted she was still worried about Ryan spending time with him.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell said that things were still "tense" between her and Tyler Baltierra after her return from treatment, adding that she wasn't ready to dive into couple's counseling just yet.

Most the episode, however, revolved around Tyler and his sister, Amber, reuniting with their father. Butch was in rehab and was ready to make amends to his family members after completing six months of treatment.

"I thought it went really well," Baltierra said after the amends process, which wasn't filmed. "Mine was way too short," he noted, adding that his father seemingly forgot about Tyler's "failed suicide attempt."

"After this, if he uses again, I think it would be required for my mental health to just give up," he told his wife and sister.

A second meeting between the father, his kids and some counselors was filmed, where Butch said it made him feel "f--ked up" and "terrible" to "forget something that dramatic of my own child."

Moving forward, Tyler told him to work on "consistency" and trying to make more of a "connection" in the future.

Cheyenne Floyd

After spending the day with son Ryder and baby daddy Cory, Cheyenne Floyd was confronted by her "drunk" boyfriend Zach that evening.

As she relayed the story to a friend, Cheyenne said her boyfriend told her, "You look like you're about to go get f--ked," called her "weird" and said she was a "bitch."

"I lost it," she continued. "I packed his shit. I don't know how we come back from this. We're broken up. He's out."

After admitting she sometimes feels like "I'm going to be a single mom forever," she filled Cory in on the breakup.

His advice: even if she and Zach do reconcile, he shouldn't be living with her anymore. "I feel like the space would help both of you," he told her.

Amber Portwood

Almost nothing interesting went down here, as Amber Portwood, baby daddy Andrew Glennon and their baby boy, James, continued their trip to California.

Amber's daughter Leah eventually showed up with dad Gary Shirley, as well as Gary's wife Kristina and their daughter.

Things are going so well for this blended family, Gary and Kristina even babysat while Amber and Andrew had a date night, as well as a parasailing excursion with Leah the next day.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.