'Ralph Breaks The Internet' with First Reactions for 'Wreck-It Ralph' Sequel
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"This is what Disney Magic looks like," one critic writes.

People are praising "Ralph Breaks the Internet" for its "heart," "emotional core" and "charming" humor.

The film follows titular character Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C. Reily) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) on a new adventure deep inside of the Internet. From the trailer, we saw that the sequel will have many Easter eggs and pop-culture references, from Google to "Star Wars," as well as an epic meetup of all the Disney princesses.

Those who were lucky to see early screenings of the film on Friday took to Twitter to give their spoiler-free reactions to the animated Disney sequel. So far, it sounds like it didn't disappoint.

Critics raved about the film, applauding its "huge heart," "laugh out loud" moments and a plot that shows "what Disney Magic looks like."

"Ralph Breaks The Internet is great," one viewer wrote. "Super funny, creative, and charming, with the same kind of character-based emotional core that made the first one so special. It's a really fun follow-up - very happy.

"The best thing about Ralph Breaks the Internet is it has a huge heart," another said. "That, along with some surprising subtexts, elevate what’s already a surprising, funny, exciting movie. It’s a sequel equal to its predecessor."

While most of the reviews were positive, not all who saw it were thrilled, with one person tweeting the movie is "absolutely not a movie for people who work on or use the internet regularly."

See how Twitter is reacting to the "Ralph Breaks The Internet."

"Ralph Breaks The Internet" hits theaters November 20.

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