The 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Premiere Was Not Just For Children

Sacha Baron Cohen revives his popular character for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where he gets weird with local conservatives.

Sacha Baron Cohen made way for Borat on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to take to the streets for some good-old fashioned election tampering on Tuesday. All he needed was his racism and some bacon.

Looking like he'd just stepped out of his feature film, Borat made his way into a neighborhood in Los Angeles to talk to some of the prospective voters and see if he could make sure they support "Premier Trump."

As always, much of his humor derived from the character's ineptitude in understanding American culture and norms. For example, you don't strip down in a stranger's bathroom, come out wearing nothing but a towel and ask if you can borrow his toothbrush. You know, basic stuff like that.

The first person he chatted with was a die-hard Trump supporter, even though Borat was surprised that as a woman she was legally allowed to vote. She was also in support of putting immigrant children in cages at the border. "It was like a campout until he could reunited them with their parents," she said, proclaiming that he fed them three times a day like he did his own children.

After proudly proclaiming himself a racist, Borat came up with a brilliant way to stop Jewish people from making it to the polls, because he said they vote mostly Democrat. Unfortunately, putting bacon strips on the sidewalk and shouting "You shall not pass!" didn't work as well as he might have hoped.

He did wrap on a positive note as he found a Republican who refused to be baited by his racism. Borat asked him if he voted Republican or Jew and the man responded, "Well, I voted Republican. If they happen to be Jewish, that’s fine. But they’re Republicans."

The real takeaway from this is that the Borat character still works and can do some good work in shining a light into regular people's lives. Much as he tried to do in "Who Is America?" there is still a place for this character, as it seems like plenty of people don't know who he is when he's in that outfit.

Okay, it might only work for older people, as most of his targets here were, but the "Borat" film came out in 2006. In today's short-attention-span world, do we really expect people to remember something that happened 12 years ago?

While he always takes things to a ridiculous extreme, as he did by stripping down to a towel in this segment, Cohen taps into something with people and they open up to him. He's brilliant at reading them as he's talking to them and luring them to expose their truths, and there's something rare and beautiful about truth these days.

Showtime has hinted that Cohen's latest project, "Who Is America?", might come back in some format, though due to the nature of what Cohen does they couldn't say too much about it or his marks would be on to the subterfuge. He proved here, though, that he still has something to say with these characters, so we remain hopeful that he'll get that opportunity again soon.

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