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The costumes, the performances, the stories! This tribute was epic in every sense of the word, with cast member a dead ringer for The Purple One!

If Prince were a product, the 100th episode of "black-ish" would be the greatest-ever commercial for that product. It was a tribute so powerful, fans couldn't help but shade every awards show ever over it.

In all honesty, we wouldn't be surprised if his music sales got a bump after this episode as the entire "black-ish" family really did Prince justice, both the man and his influential music. In fact, the entire episode was framed around teaching the twins about the man in purple after they thought he was a woman singing.

One by one, every member of the family talked to Jack and Diane about the impact Prince had on their lives and then expressed it through a recreation of one of his iconic videos and performances. And let us just say, these costumes were fire. Everyone looked stunning in their moments.

Dre talked about how Prince inspired him to be courageous, while Bow admits he let her embrace her more sensual side. For Zoey, it was Prince's political activism that inspired her most, while Pops was moved by his fighting spirit when he took his label to court and changed his name to a symbol, all to fight for justice and fairness.

Ruby, meanwhile, was given the strength to persevere through overwhelming times by the knowledge that he played every instrument on "When Doves Cry," helping her to believe that she, too, could do everything it takes to be a single mother trying to raise her kids up right.

And that's what set this tribute aside from most tributes on awards show and everywhere else. It was absolutely a tribute to the ingenious musical catalog of one of the most brilliant musical visionaries of all time, but it was even more a tribute to the man behind the music.

Everything from his outlandish fashion to his humble beginnings to his powerful statements and tireless work. Plus, it did a great job of showing why he's such an inspirational figure for so many people. Meanwhile, awards shows have things like Madonna self-indulgent tribute to Aretha Franklin that was all about herself.

In trying to create spectacles with superstar names, they sometimes miss out on what made the person so special. It was how their lives touched people from across the spectrum of humanity in so many ways.

But not to worry. Twitter was there, sending the show trending into the night as people applauded the wardrobe passion and proper tribute to an artist deserving of a full show dedicated to his greatness. And they were also asking every awards show ever to pay attention to how it should be done.

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