You Gotta See Roseanne Barr's Reaction to Heart Attack Rumor
'Roseanne' Cast -- Then and Now

The former star of "Rosanne" says she's fine and that she was the victim of a prank after a man claiming to be her assistant called in to a radio show with the story.

Roseanne Barr is alive and well, no matter what rumors might have started circulating around the internet.

The former "Roseanne" star took to social media with a couple of responses after a radio host received a phone call from a man claiming to be her assistant with the "news" that she'd been rushed to a hospital after a heart attack.

For her first reaction to the story, Barr kept it short and sweet, captioning a picture of herself in a hilarious corset t-shirt with two words: "I'm fine." If that shirt is any indication, she's better than fine because it is glorious!

She then went on to explain that she was "the victim of a prank" in a second post, assuring her fans that she has no medical issues at all right now.

The rumor started Saturday night after Lee Stranahan, co-host of the radio show "Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan," took a phone call from a man named Frank. Stranahan thought it was Barr calling in as she has done before.

Stranahan took to Twitter with the story, accepting the man's claim that he was Barr's assistant.

Stranahan has since talked plenty about the prank call, though he stands by what he wrote as accurate for the information he had at the time. And while that may be somewhat true, it does appear that the man may not be Barr's assistant, as he claimed and as Stranahan wrote.

He did, however, appear to be calling from Barr's phone, Stranahan said in another post, as he has her number saved in his contacts. Rightfully, he concluded his own thoughts by saying that this seems to now be something for Barr to deal with, should she choose to do so.

The good news is that Barr is healthy and happy and clearly having fun, if that t-shirt is any indication. And while she wasn't holding up a newspaper to verify that the picture taken was from that day, we're going to take her at her word that all is well as she spends time with family over the holiday weekend.

It's still not he strangest thing to ever happen in her life.

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