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But when mom Cindy McCain found out, "all hell broke loose."

Meghan McCain shared an equally disturbing and hilarious story about being confused for a call girl while on an exotic getaway with her family this morning on "The View."

When the subject came up, the cohosts were all discussing an essay published last week in which a woman claimed she wasn't allowed to sit at a bar in NYC by herself thanks to the restaurant's efforts to crack down on prostitution.

"Everybody's looking at me because this happened to me," McCain explained after Whoopi Goldberg set up the news story.

"I was at a hotel in Bangkok swimming in a pool and a gentlemen, a really disgusting old man, came up to me and said, 'How much for an hour, two hours,'" she recalled.

"How much did you say?" asked Joy Behar, as everyone began laughing.

"I flipped out, I said, 'Who the hell do you think you're talking to, I'm a guest in this hotel!' And my mother was out on the lounge and I was like, 'Mom!' and all hell broke loose," she continued. "He regretted doing that and my mom chased him. So, I've been accused of being a prostitute as well, I'm with you lady, it happens!"

Sunny Hostin, who owns a restaurant herself, said she wouldn't make a similar rule at her establishment. "I think a lot of people like just sitting at the bar, especially if you're eating by yourself, right?" she said, adding that she's even put in purse hooks for women sitting at the bar.

Her opinion: "It's bad business for a bar to do that."

According to Clementine Crawford's essay in Drugstore Culture, the owner of an unnamed restaurant of which she was a regular "had ordered a crackdown on hookers: the free-range escorts who roamed the Upper East Side, hunting prey in his establishment."

She added, "He told me that he could run his business as he pleased and that I was no longer welcome to eat at the bar, only at a table."

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